Architecture, Interior Architecture, Designed Objects and Fashion Graduate Show 2012

June 9 through July 21, 2012
Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State St., 7th Floor
Chicago, IL

Free and open to the public
Tue-Sat, 11am - 6pm

Opening Reception
June 11, 6-8 pm

Kristen Hansen
image by Kristen Hansen

Kristen Campbell Hansen earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in Art and Design in 2010 from the University of Michigan School of Art and Design, where she focused on furniture and product design. Her current body of work explores larger-scale system design, as well as user-centered research and design.

Mimic explores the possibilities of revitalizing leftovers, and continuing a collective positive eating experience after the celebration is over. It creates a new way to contain and present the food, for which the container can be a reminder of the celebration, mimicking the original meal. It breathes new life into an otherwise dull occasion, the consumption of leftovers.

Mimic is a kit that is meant to be used by hosts to make a new kind of disposable container for their guests to transport leftovers home. It will include a silicone mold and the recipe to create cornstarch plastic bowls. The simple recipe combines cornstarch, water, cooking oil, and ingredients from the meal. The bowls can bake during the meal and be presented to the guests as a parting gift.

The Mimic Containers are meant to reflect the meal they were cooked for. They do this by adding an ingredient from the meal into the cornstarch plastic. The additive can span a wide range of ingredients, including, but not limited to: spinach/ kale/ romaine/ blueberries/ raspberries/ strawberries/ orange, lemon or lime rind/ green, red, or yellow peppers/ edamame/ potatoes/ green beans/beets/ broccoli/ lima beans/ black beans/pinto beans. Each additive will yield a different result in color or smell.

(Master of Design in Designed Objects)