Architecture, Interior Architecture, Designed Objects and Fashion Graduate Show 2012

June 9 through July 21, 2012
Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State St., 7th Floor
Chicago, IL

Free and open to the public
Tue-Sat, 11am - 6pm

Opening Reception
June 11, 6-8 pm

David Evancho
image by David Evancho

David Evancho hails from Vermont and obtained his Bachelor of Architecture from the Pratt Institute in 2010. His work explores the contradictory potential within the urban environment to simultaneously bring people together and keep them disconnected.

Peer to Peer Architecture asks how architecture can be a tool for communities to empower themselves and become a local, ethical check on globalization?

When current building types cause us to retreat from each other, a new architecture is necessary to promote collaboration that is essential for healthy and safe communities to grow.

How can communities use this as a tool to empower themselves and seek an alternative of traditional capitalism?

The global market can only judge what is profitable, it lacks the capacity to discern right from wrong. Combined with increasingly ineffective government protection, individuals can easily be dehumanized, and lack the ability to compete with corporate entities. By uniting as a local community, people now have power outside the reach of the market.

Can Architecture create cohesive communities as an ethical check on globalization?

To maintain trust and freedom from exterior influences communities are moving toward local economies and a new community infrastructure is needed to allow these markets to grow and for connections to be manifest in the physical world.

(Master of Architecture)