Architecture, Interior Architecture, Designed Objects and Fashion Graduate Show 2012

June 9 through July 21, 2012
Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State St., 7th Floor
Chicago, IL

Free and open to the public
Tue-Sat, 11am - 6pm

Opening Reception
June 11, 6-8 pm

Amy Sedivi
image by Amy Sedivi

Amy Sedivi earned her Bachelor of Art in Art History from The College of William and Mary in 2009. Her undergraduate focus on 20th century art movements in conjunction with her graduate architectural studies led to the development of her thesis.

Voidspace challenges the oversaturation of mental stimuli in the culture of 21st century Chicago. This investigation seeks to alleviate the mind through architectural space and a focus on the void. The void is not defined as nothingness; it consists of empty space that has the potential to provide intense experiences.

Voidspace utilizes the empty space of the abandoned hole of the failed Chicago Spire project in order to create an abstract, Minimalist expression of the leisure space typology.

The site is redesigned as the "calm within the storm" of Chicago and acts as a foil to the nearby atmosphere of excess provided at Navy Pier.

This proximity of the site to Navy Pier introduces the development of a leisure node for Chicago in addition to the existing leisure node at the Museum Campus.

The leisure provided at Voidspace prompts visitors to experience the non-event; the Minimal nature of the space acts as a blank canvas that allows one to pay attention to their own sensibilities.

Voidspace is influenced by the philosophies of Zen Buddhism and French artist Yves Klein, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum, and the work of light and space artist James Turrell.

(Master of Architecture)